Main Core, Developers & Advisors

Márcio Gandraárcio-gandra-32435b146/
Executive Director - Founder

Marcos Leandro de Oliveira
Executive Marketing Director - Founder

Payment Gateway and Core Development
ByeBnk Team :

Renzo Gotlib
Lawyer, Legal Consultant

Marcelo Zygielszyper
Tax Advisor

Nelson Alvarenga

Business Advisor

Lawyers and Advisors - Sette Câmara, Corrêa e Bastos Advogados Associados:

Network & Strategical Support - HTMLCoin Foundation :

Our mission:
Development of innovative disruptive technological solutions focused on the improvement of human wealth in all its aspects.

Our values:
Innovation with Experience; Mutual Integrity and Reliability; Pioneering; Secrecy;

Global excellence in innovation and resources focused on the profitability, safety, discretion and competitive advantage of our customers.

HTMLCOIN and HTMLBunker will make trading pairs with (more to come)

soon USD, Euro and BRL fiat * ByeBnk Partnership