First HTMLCoin Dedicated Community Crypto Exchange

The first brokerage in the world, totally dedicated to HTMLCoin. With 20 different trade mark pairs, HTML Bunker arises from the concept and need to add strength and claw from the HTMLCoin community. In an environment conducive to business, the interests of currency appreciation, customer interaction and, above all, incentives for the development of projects together with the HTMLCoin Foundation will prevail. It will also be the first exchange with order book supervised, in addition to the owners, by community in a blockchain public database, it means transparency and no manipulation.

The exchange comes to highlight, support and serve as the basis for those who have always been loyal to the currency. Literally a "bunker".

As part of the breakthrough, 20 of the top pairs of currently selected cryptocoins will be available in our portfolio. These assets have high earning potential, qualified teams and proposals for great solutions, among them: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Verge, Litecoin, Decred, Mono, Dash, Qtum, Cardano, Iota, Komodo, Tron, Golem, EOS, Ethereum , Neo, USD Tether, Doge ...

Following the trend of the "Token Based Exchanges", ex. Binance and the BNB token, in the purchase of the Token HTMLBunker (BUNK Acronym), investors will be able to access exclusive content: trading bots, arbitrage signals among peers, shoutbox, market analysis and priority support, as well as obtaining 50 % discount on deposit, withdrawal and trade fees.

Our mission:
Development of innovative disruptive technological solutions focused on the improvement of human wealth in all its aspects.

Our values:
Innovation with Experience; Mutual Integrity and Reliability; Pioneering; Secrecy;

Global excellence in innovation and resources focused on the profitability, safety, discretion and competitive advantage of our customers.

Another reason that supports its creation is to attract the attention of these investors of the other pairs to our currency and to meet the demand of currencies that the DApps in use in Brazil will demand. It is necessary that we have an exchange approved by the Foundation and supporting it in all positive actions.

The HTMLBunker Token (BUNK) has suply limited to only 33 million units, which makes it interesting not only for the potential of use in the brokerage house but also for the valuation of the asset.

Our objective is to build a true "Bunker" of holders, supporters and large investors. To further increase our strength, the broker will have constant and direct communication with the HTMLCoin Foundation, to foster HTMLCoin Blockchain development-related events and practices among members.

HTML Bunker is forecast to air on August 05.

HTMLCOIN and HTMLBunker will make trading pairs with

soon USD, Euro and BRL fiat * ByeBnk Partnership