Welcome on board !

You are on time to join the first 100 Founding Members. Please read all info and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

100 batches of 1.000 tokens will be opened for the first 100 members of the community who join HTMLBunker in the Crowdfunding Phase. Each 1.000 units will cost 1000 USD. After this promotional phase the value of the token in the brokerage will be 5 USD . The first 100 enrollees will have the same privilege as the founding members, 0% fee on withdrawals, deposits and trade, as well access to the restricted area, preferential support, signals, technical analysis, articles , BI Platform and Traders Social M edia and arbitration among all pairs.

To purchase the tokens click here.

Receiving the tokens

When you send the BTC or HTMLCoin after filling our form, you sent us your HTMLCoin Desktop Wallet Address that we will send the token to. Obs: You can send BTC or HTMLCoin from exchanges wallets, but HTML address to receive the tokens should be the same of desktop wallet and the same that you choose on this steps bellow to import the token.

To import your tokens into your wallet is very simple.

Just go to the HRC Token menu in the HTML Desktop Wallet. Click Add Token. Be sure to check on settings (top menu) if enable log option is turned on. Add in the top right field Token Contract Number : 6e7c1636f021563e0c95b134f55c3d48c63d5051 . Choose your wallet address and click Confirm. Ready! Token setup is now available in your wallet. Your tokens will be delivered as soon we confirm your transaction. Check out the attached pictures if you have any questions.

When we begin our activities, simply send them to your HTML / BUNK address at our brokerage. Keep them safe for now. Always remember to encrypt your wallet if you have not already.

HTML Holder's Force!


Marcio Gandra e Marcos Leandro
Executive Directors

HTMLBunker HTMLCoin Crypto Exchange
Santa Verena - Malta
Belo Horizonte - Brazil
+55 (31) 99836-1848

HTMLCOIN and HTMLBunker will make trading pairs with

soon USD, Euro and BRL fiat * ByeBnk Partnership