1) What led to the ​​development of a brokerage entirely dedicated to HTMLCoin?

HTMLCoin is a strong blockchain project not only because of its technical requirements (Block Hybrid BTC / ETH, Smart Contracts, Double SHA 256 Encryption, ultra-speed transactions, excellent desktop wallet) that have inherited the robustness of Bitcoin with the flexibility of the Dapps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum Network, but also because of its extensive, long-lived and involved community and Dapps development.

After all, four years of history in the crypto market are equivalent to centuries in the fiat world. We value our history and experience and those who were part of this development.

Faced with a scenario of low trust in the exchange´s custody and safety power, it is of the utmost importance that any althash project * offers a "safe haven" for members of the community that has exclusive services to meet the most varied needs of the investor. We have emerged to address this urgent demand for our ecosystem.

Among the numerous problems detected in the blockchain market, we find the following: delay in support service, hacks, scammers, unrealized swaps, servers confiscated by authorities, technical problems on servers, scamcoins listed (only because scammers paid the listing fee), extortion, fee collection, and an abusive percentage for listing, among others. HTMLBunker is here to offer a solution.

Our proposal for exclusive services and full transparency places leading cryptocurrency and HTMLCoin side by side in an extremely important union of forces that gives visibility to HTMLCoin against other cryptocurrency. For this reason, we have selected, for trading pairs, more than 20 altcoins that bring together qualified teams and projects. In addition, it will be possible to make deposits in the main fiat currencies.

Finally, in addition to becoming a safe platform for currency, the brokerage firm will also create excellent business opportunities with this others altcoins pairs too. We will also have a "barn" for the new tokens created in the Althash Blockchain, like a token pool, that functions to facilitate trade and communication between members and staff.

2) What solutions and proposals could solve the above problems?

The solutions are really innovative. We have emerged as one of the first brokerages in the world to offer a full range of simultaneous user security options, which we believe to be critical. Any conscious person knows that any investment is the result of work and, therefore, has much value.

For the first time ever, a brokerage house is audited by a cryptocurrency core. We do everything to guarantee the suitability of the provided services. We are also developing a device that updates in real time to show all the activities of the brokerage house, as recorded on blockchain. This means that all sell and buy orders will be audited and registered on the Althash Blockchain. With this transparency, the investor will be assured that he is not running the risk of operating under market manipulation. This strategy is rare among brokerages and demonstrates our concern for maintaining a solid, durable service with excellent and trustworthy relations with society and government agencies around the world.

There is a wide range of pairs to trade with our currency. We selected top 20 blockchain projects with the most prominence today. In addition to the BTC, HTMLCoin will be compatible with USDT, USD, BRL and soon with the Euro.

Regarding the security and unique functions offered by HTMLBunker, in the act of authentication and login, the investor will be faced with an advanced system of artificial intelligence and facial recognition in the near future. The same applies to service. In addition, 2Factor is always required. Soon we’ll move on to the recognition of iris and biometric access. Our KYC process is also automated and mandatory. We will not allow any type of illegal activity or members in disagreement with the law.

Currently, most cryptocurrency brokerages adopt purely economic criteria to list their pairs. This reckless procedure clears the way for projects without scoring or scans. Often the investor is also hampered by false changes in the book. False, always upward, serves as an example.

We believe that transparency is key to ensuring the safety of the users. For years the HTMLBunker team of consultants has selected projects that not only have development teams engaged in their proposals, but also bring solutions to all parts of the globe. This brings reliability and security to HTMLCoin's users and the other pairs listed in the HTMLBunker.

3) The Whitepaper cites an area restricted to the founding members and token holders of the brokerage firm. How does this work in practice?

Founding Members, as holders of tokens, have a differentiated plan, as well as discounts on our fees - similar to whatike Binance did with the BNB token, but with some singularities.

During the research period, which culminated in the creation of the HTMLBunker, several netizens and members of the HTMLCoin community shared with us suggestions regarding the design of the project. Among these suggestions was the idea of ​​implementing tools for better results in user's respective trades. There was also a great demand for knowledge about BOT's and blockchain courses and, finally, for interaction environments that go beyond simple chat rooms, to aggregate the users and new businesses.

We have been able to bring into practice many of these suggestions from those we call Founding Members, who were the first to embrace the possibility of creating an exclusive exchange for HTMLCoin.

Therefore, a BOT is available for arbitrage between pairs. This BOT displays the percentage and the opportunities among the pairs listed in the HTMLBunker. The other BOT is the signal, which, through graphical indicators and technical analysis, enables the user’s precise decision making on the points of entry / exit and technical signals to make a purchase or sale, in what we call "the ideal moment".

Also part of the system is an area of ​​courses linked to Blockchain and development that aim to generate knowledge and provide even more decentralized applications in our outhash*.

And we will have too a Business Intelligence Platform to give deep info about a lot of coins, even those not listed, and a partnership with a social trade platform where good traders would be rewarded for their success with their followers.

4) What fees will be charged by HTMLBunker?

For those who do not have tokens, the deposit and trade fee is 1% of the ammount. The draw fee is 1% of the transaction. Our goal is to stimulate the use of the broker's token BUNK. Therefore, the tendency for the user, who does not have BUNKs, to pay more for the operations and be deprived of access to certain areas of the site.

For those who have BUNK token, the deposit rate is 0.5% of the token’s ammount, the trade 0.5% and the withdrawal rate 0.5%. (it will be always 50% of the normal users fee) . The growth in the number of users may still contribute to the reduction in the price of the rates currently utilized by the brokerage. And our desire is to offer rates that are increasingly competitive. Our medium- and long-term goal is to achieve rates close to 0.2% and 0.1%. For this, organic growth will be observed versus the fall of the fees progressively through our own algorithm.

To determine the average tokens required for small or large movements, simply calculate the percentages to keep the wallet at a discount. Fees are automatically paid from the "BUNK" balance, which is the acronym for the HTMLBunker token.

The first 100 members who purchase a 1000-token lot (at a pre-launch promotional price of $1 each) will be exempt from fees on deposits, trade and withdrawals; will receive access to the restricted area; and will be part of the broker's restricted group. They will not have power on decisions like on stocks market , but it will be a channel for us to hear what our main costumers need. These advantages are for the so-called Founding Members.

5) How do I get tokens? How are they configured and registered in my HTML portfolio?

Just go to www.htmlbunker.com.br , read all topics and go to purchase. Remember, if you are an USA Citizen, check SEC regulations about cryptocurrencies before purchase. Payments can be made on HTMLCoin or BTC. Prices are adjusted automatically, two by two hours based on the reference value of coinmarketcap. Requests are processed, and the tokens are sent to the address entered on the form. Importantly, you should only use the desktop tokens management wallet. If you do not have access to this, download it at www.htmlcoin.com ("downloads").

When registering the token, open the wallet and wait for the token to synchronize. After this procedure, click the HRC token buttons and add the token. Enter the contract number sent to you via email and choose your wallet to receive the tokens. Now click Add Token and it will be ready.

6) What is the purpose of the pre-sale? What is the reason for the discount?

Every initial phase requires investments in infrastructure, contracting, marketing expenses and so on. This crowdfunding step offers a bonus to former currency the users, especially for those present in the WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Our community is more active in these social networks, and this is a way for us to show our appreciation for the effort, dedication and loyalty of these people who have already been recognized by us. So it works like that :

Founding Members : 0 fee on trades, deposits and withdrawals ( except normal network mining fees ), full access lifetime to all restricted services. Promotional price 1 USD each BUNK, but they will be able to sell first to others new regular users at the fixed price of 5 USD in our trade books or for any price they want outside BUNK (peer-to-peer). When we launch, before we, as HTMLBunker Core, set the BUNK sell orders to public, founding members will have the preference to set their first. So there is no ROI promisses if you purchase at 1 USD and wants to sell at 5USD inside HTMLBunker or for any other price outside using Peer-to-Peer option, Founding Members purchased a benefit of lifetime access to services with zero fee on trades, deposits and withdrawals.

Pre Sale:

100 positions for founding members will be sold at the cost of 1000 USD for each lot of one thousand units (beginning May 5 until the end of the hundredth 100-unit sale).

Regular Sale:

11,000,000 tokens at a cost of 5 USD per unit. Minimum purchase of 20 tokens at a time, at the cost of 100 USD (beginning after the sale of the hundredth lot of 1000 units and after the founding members positioning orders). Following the broker's launch, we will keep the BUNK tokens available in the book of offers after all founding members position their orders only. The token holders that want to sell their own tokens will have one week to position their orders in the book before the orders of the HTMLBunker Core. It is not an ICO , you are purchasing disccounts and access to our services.

7) Timelines?

Due to the listing of HTMLCoin on HitBTC, SistemKoin and Coinexchange, the official launch of the campaign was postponed until June 21, when we will hold a public social media discussion. From there, we will begin preparations for the platform's pre-launch and Beta testing phase. So many dates were postponed because of development issues that was not over our control , so we will not specify an exact date but a margin ... 1Q - 2Q of 2019. Only the first 100 Founding Members can participate in the Beta testing phase.

8) What is the partnership between the HTMLCoin Foundation and HTMLBunker?

Our partnership is intended to establish a channel of mutual communication and open to the client the users of HTMLBunker. The HTMLCoin Foundation will have access to all brokerage reports. The HTMLBunker will still be a barn of tokens created in HTMLCoin OutHash. This will enable mutual marketing campaigns.

The HTMLCoin will have great prominence in relation to the 20 pairs of selected cryptocurrency and the assets fiat. The HTMLCoin Foundation does not have any legal participation in the acts of the HTMLBunker. It is important to note that this company, HTMLBunker, is a third-party service provider. This partnership, however, has allowed us to create innovative solutions in the blockchain-cryptocurrency space, without violating the rules of US regulatory agencies.

9) Where is the headquarters of HTMLBunker located?

Our development points are in Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. HTMLBunker is also partnered with a legal and development office.

10) Why do you host the company outside Brazil, the country of origin of most owners?

Brazilian legislation regarding the field of cryptocurrency is still archaic. By contrast, Malta and others countries, in addition to offering a fair tax burden, is open to startups aimed at developing projects in Blockchain.

11) How can the public audit the broker's portfolios?

All currency portfolios listed in our brokerage house will be public and available on our website for the conference of the respective Blockchains, through the available block explorers. In addition, we will have BOTs to search our servers to detect possible movements that indicate fraud, market manipulation and other practices that could cause investment losses. All entries in the broker's book will be registered in Althash Blockchain to ensure immutability and conference of all transactions made. The sensitive parties will also be available at github for auditing the broker's processes. The quest for transparency will always be one of our missions.

12) What is the initial supply and distribution of the token? Is there any change forecast during the course?

Yes, to the latter question. In order to offer users even more advantages, it is possible that there will be a change in the proportion of tokens distribution. Any change in this direction will be for the benefit of the users. The same can be said for marketing campaigns, bonuses, improvements in management and internal processes. Our mission is to promote wealth in all its aspects. Therefore, our focus will always be on users interests.

As for the first question, the BUNK token has a supply of 33,000,000 units:

10,000,000 HTMLBunker (Core, Development, Infrastructure)
11,000,000 (Regular BUNK sales Maintenance Fund)
3,300,000 (Institutional Partnership)
3.320.000 (Free Bounties to Community)
3,300,000 (Press, Events, Contests, Pull Requests)
660,000 (Lawyers)
660,000 (Backend Developers)
660,000 (Gateway Company)
100,000 (Pre-Sale Founding Members)

13) The KYC (Know Your Customer).

The use of KYC (Know Your Customer) is obligatory and good conduct in registering and recognizing clients for the purpose of combating crime.

14) How will the broker's technical support work?

For HTMLBunker token holders, the support will be 24hs with request via email. Founding Members will have priority support already configured on the system itself. Non-token holders, in addition to the higher fees, will be required to wait 48 hours for support.

15) Will use of third-party BOT scripts be allowed?

In order to avoid market manipulation and falsification of the book of offers, only registered scripts may use the broker's API. There will be an API usage fee, and only scripts validated by the Exchange developers will be able to make use of it.

16) Which currency pairs will trade with HTMLCoin and the HTMLBunker token BUNK?

Bitcoin, USDO Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Verge, Qtum, Ripple, Neo, Cardano, Iota, Doge, EOS, Dash, Golem, Decred, Tron, Monero, Pot, Bitcoin Cash and Komodo. In addition we will accept BRL (real), USD (dollar) and, in the future, Euro. We do not list currencies whose projects do not have market time, a strong community, a high market cap, a theoretical background and a qualified development team. And with byebnk.com partnership we will be able to accept more than 40 fiat currencies.

17) You mention a gateway for currency conversion. How does it work?

This has become possible through the partnership with ByeBnk.com.br. We will accept deposits and withdrawals in fiat coins. In this way, we will maintain our business in Malta without the need to operate bank accounts in Brazil--avoiding, for example, the risk of closing accounts, such as what happened between Brazilian exchanges and some banks.

18) What will be the barn of tokens created in HTMLCoin?

Through smart contracts HTMLCoin already allows the tokenization process. That is, even with the minimum ammount of technical knowledge, it is possible to generate a token in the Althash Blockchain and thus use it in any particular project. Token developers will have the opportunity to be listed in the exchange, provided that such developers have community support and the necessary team to help their project grow grow and mature in the space. In this way, we will contribute to our ecosystem by absorbing only solid jobs, without openings for scams and proposals without practical execution capacity.

19) Will there be any fees for listing tokens in addition to previous selection?

Yes. Although a value has not yet been stipulated, it will be available and will only serve to cover the operating expenses of the servers. The main criterion remains the previous selection, not the payment of the fee.

20) Is there a forecast for launching Desktop and Android applications?

Yes. Our development agreement includes the Brokerage's Desktop and Android applications, expected to be available for download by the end of the 2019 year.

21) Based on the Roadmap, what are future implementations?

Android App, IOS App, Desktop App and new coins, among others are in development and held with confidentiality to safeguard future ventures and projects.

22) How will tokens be distributed to community members?

One way is to encourage the users of the other 20 currency pairs to trade with HTMLCoin. We will give bounties to the wallets of those who deposit in them. Sweepstakes and promotions will be frequent, as well as award-winning hackathons and token promotions. Another way will be with shared mining. That is, the user that enables data mining by the browser will receive, in tokens, 50% of the total mined by the script. We emphasize that this option can only be turned on and off by the user when the computer is not idle.

23) Who will take care of the legal department of the brokerage house?

Founded in 1990, the firm Sette Câmara, Corrêa and Bastos Advogados provides excellent legal services across Brazil and employs a team of more than 250 lawyers. The office is among the most cited and admired in the country. Since 2014 the firm has been ranked by Chambers & Partners, an English publication that is one of the most important in the world. Sette Câmara, Corrêa and Bastos Advogados is at our disposal for any legal, bureaucratic and governmental eventualities.

24) What about .com?

After the completion and launch of ICO, we will use the .com domain as the official web address. It is possible that the .com.br version will be translated into Portuguese and .com will be the English version. However, all will be used within the same platform and book.

25) I still have doubts. Who can I contact?

support@htmlbunker.com.br & suporte@htmlbunker.com.br

26) How many people are currently on the HTMLBunker team?

Our team now has 18 people including Founders, Managers, Developers, Lawyers, Business Consultants and Technical Support.

HTMLCOIN and HTMLBunker will make trading pairs with

soon USD, Euro and BRL fiat * ByeBnk Partnership