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Your wealth and safety in high priority


Development of innovative disruptive technological solutions focused on the improvment of human wealth. Values: Innovation with Experience; Mutual Integrity and Reliability; Pioneering; Secrecy; View: Global excellence in innovation focused on the profitability, safety, discretion and competitive advantage of our customers.

2FA and face recognition

To improve your security HTMLBunker is one of the few exchanges with 2FA and face recognition technology together for login and withdraws operations. For your own safety, these process is obrigatory. Roadmap: August 2020

Trading Pairs

HTMLBunker offers the top selected 20 cryptocurrencies for trading pair with HTMLCoin, BTC and USDT. Soon: HTMLBunker will accept fiat money deposits (BRL, Euro and USD) in a partnership with Byebnk. Roadmap: 2Q 2019


Personalized and fast support will bring our relationship to a new level. With a prepared team, we are able to give you answers and solutions in every blockchain related topic. You might also use our knowledge database and chat bots.

HTML Bunker token holder

The first 100 members to join us will have 0% fee on trading, deposits and withdraw, except mining fees that variates according to each blockchain. Also, access to private area with trading bots, arbitrage bots, analysis, BI and traders platform, chat with members and priority support.

* In Pre Sale , minimum ammount of 1000 "Bunks" to be a Founding Member. 1 USD each. On Crowdfunding Phase, 5 USD each BUNK and minimum ammount of 20 units per purchase, but without the zero fee benefit, only 50% discount and private area access.

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HTMLCOIN and HTMLBunker will make trading pairs with (more to come)

soon USD, Euro and BRL fiat * ByeBnk Partnership